The Eels Foot Inn has an extremely special, long standing history of being associated with local folk music. In 1938 A.L. Lloyd persuaded his employers at the BBC to record the singers at the pub and in 1939 and again in 1947 the BBC visited, and made two classic recordings of the singing, step-dancing and music performed on a Saturday night.  This is a tradition which is still being enjoyed and kept alive today!  

Nowadays you can hear both traditional folk with more modern day tunes.  There is usually a wide array of instruments mainly acoustic and all are welcome to join in.  The locals call it 'Squit' and our regular 'Squit Night' is on a Thursday night. On the last Sunday of the month we hold a more eclectic folk night for the traditionalists courtesy of a local folk club. Add us on Facebook to keep up to date with our summer sounds festival.



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